Jig Borers and Machining Centers


Dixi 350 - 5 Axis CNC Jig Bore 80 position tool changer, 40” x 40” table, (x) axis travel 42” (y) axis travel 42” (z) axis travel 42”, 4th axis rotary table 360 degrees, accuracy of rotation 2 arc seconds

Dixi 320 - 4 Axis CNC Jig Bore travels the same as above

(2) Mitsui Seiki HT4 Horizontal Machining Centers with (8) 24” pallets, 8000 RPM

Sip 4000 - 6 Axis CNC Jig Bore (x) axis 59” (y) axis 47” (z) axis 24”, work load capacity 8800 lbs.

Bridgeport BPC 550-80 CNC (8) 16” pallets, 80 position tool changer

Wahli W50 - 4 Axis CNC 30 position tool changer twin pallet, 10000 rpm spindle


Sip 8000 CNC Jig Bore (x) axis 59” (y) axis 35” (z) axis 37” table top spindle nose 43” between uprights 54”, work load capacity 8800 lbs.

Sip MP44 CNC (x) axis 26” (y) axis 18” table size 30” x 26”

Sip MP42DR Travels same as above

Sip 720 CNC Table size 63” x 48”, work load capacity 3300 lbs.

Sip 7R High Column, between uprights 63”, upright under spindle 72”, table size same as above

(3) Sip 6A 32” x 48” table

Mazak AJV-35/60 CNC 28” x 60” table, 30 position tool changer

Mazak V550 CNC 22” x 55” table, pallet changer, 30 position tool changer

Hitachi VS 40 CNC 13000 rpm spindle, 30 hp, 30 position tool changer, 18” x 24” table

Chiron FZ08W CNC Drilling Machine, Twin Pallet

Topper TMV-510 APC CNC Drill and Tap Machine, Twin Pallet

Bridgeport VMC 1000 CNC Vertical Machining Center

Mori-Seiki MV-35 CNC Vertical Machining Center

Kingsbury CNC Twin Spindle Vertical Drilling Machine

Hyundai SPT-V3258/605 Vertical Machining Center, 2 Pallet


Grinding Equipment

Hauser S50 CNC Jig Grinder 24” x 36” table

Hauser S50-L CNC Jig Grinder 24” x 48” table

Hauser S35 CNC Hi-Cut Jig Grinder with MSS Auto Sizing

Hauser S3 DR 15” x 20” table

(2) Moore G18 Manual Jig Grinders 10” x 18” table

Springfield Vertical CNC I.D. / O.D. Grinder 78” swing

Springfield Manual Vertical Grinder 48” swing

Sansei Rotary Surface Grinder 68” swing

Heald Rotary Surface Grinder

Brown and Sharpe Hyd. Surface Grinder 12” x 36” table

Brown and Sharpe Hyd. Surface Grinder 12” x 18” table

Okamoto Programmable Surface Grinder 12” x 24” table

(6) Taft-Pierce Manual Surface Grinders 5” x 10” table

Okamoto Manual Surface Grinder 6” x 12”

Studer S40 Cylindrical Grinder 14” x 40”

Studer S35 CNC Cylindrical Grinder 14” x 40”

(2) Studer S20 Manual Cylindrical Grinders 8” x 20”

Excello 33 Thread Grinder

Bryant I.D. Grinder 28” Swing

Bryant Center Hole Grinder

Schaudt PF43UAM CNC Cylindrical Grinder


Turning Centers

Mazak Quick Turn 35 CNC

Mazak Quick Turn 25L CNC

(2) Mazak Quick Turn 20 CNC

Mazak SQ-15M CNC with live tooling

Mazak Multiplex-610 Twin Spindle CNC

Doosan Q1-30H CNC Twin Spindle, Overhead Gantry Load and Unload

Kingsbury Twin Spindle CNC Vertical Turning Center, 18” Chucks

Bullard Twin Spindle CNC Vertical Turning Center, 100 hp, 25” Chucks

Bridgeport Power Path 15 CNC

(5) Romi / Bridgeport CNC with Air-Dex Turrets

(2) Hardinge Manual

Clausing 17” Manual with 21” Gap Bed

Clausing 15” Manual

Mori-Seiki SL-15 CNC

Webster Bennett Vertical Manual 54” Swing


Inspection Equipment

Sip Superoptic 6AM Measuring Machine 32” x 48” table

Moore Measuring Machine 12” x 18” table

Sheffield Cordax 1818M CMM

Zeiss C400 CMM

(2) Sip 302 Measuring Machines

(2) Talyrond Roundness Measuring Machines

Mahr-Federal Pneumocentric Roundness Measuring Machine

Talysurf Form Measuring Machine

Hewlett-Packard Laser Machine Calibration System

(5) AA Gage Ultradex Indexers ¼ Arc Second Accuracy

(3) Sip Rotoptic Rotary Tables 2 Arc Second Accuracy

Federal Electronic Levels

OGP Vision System

Starret and Mitutoyo Optical Comparators

There are many inspection tools, too numerous to list, such as:  surface plates, height masters, length masters, gage blocks etc.

All of our measuring equipment is calibrated on specific schedules determined by our calibration system.  Jig Bores and Jig Grinders are calibrated on an annual basis.

S&S Tool and Machine is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and AS-9100.  We are approved by GE Aviation to S341, SRP (supplier release plan), and compliant to MIL-Q-9858, MIL-I-45208 and MIL-STD-45662.

Support Equipment

Micromatic Hone

Morrison Automatic Key Seater

(4) Excello 602 Vertical Milling Machines

(2) Arboga Manual Drill Presses

(3) Mitutoyo 40” Bench Centers

Grob Vertical Band Saw, HEM and DoAll Horizontal Saws

12 ton Crane, several forklift trucks and pallet handling trucks

Auto CAD and Master CAM Software

Mesmma Kelch Robot Tool Pre-Setter

Mig and Tig Welders

Kenworth with 45’ flatbed trailor, Ford F600 flatbed

Moore Motorized Centers, Moore Radius Dresser

Devlieg Angle Plates to 48”, G&L Angle Plate to 60”

Sunnen EC-3500 Programmable Hone

Sunnen CK-21 Programmable Hone ¾” to 8” Capacity

Tsudakoma Twin Spindle Interfaced Rotary Table

Tsudakoma Tiltable Interfaced Rotary Table