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Providing aerospace, aircraft, defense, automotive, appliance, and machine tool builders with precision products and uncompromising service for over forty years.

In the ever-developing precision parts industry, S & S leads in a multiplicity of fields: from automated machines, battery, bearing, and compressor manufacturing, to naval warfare and strategic missile defense systems.

Our products: Automotive components, fuel system components and assemblies. Prototypes, high speed grinding quills, components for missile guidance systems, as well as measurements of quality: gages, gage masters, to fixtures... These products define our immense diversity.

Our client list proves it. Renown names as Toyota, Bosch, Ingersoll Rand, Caterpillar, Eveready, GE Aircraft and Appliances, Rolls Royce, Raytheon, and the Department of Defense certainly define our status in the development and growth of present and future technology through precision manufacturing.

Take a moment to check out our large scale production facility, Lily Creek Industries.